Report T012 *****

Problem: Spear thistle, Docks, Ragwort in newly seeded wildflower meadow
Where: High Farm, Menethorpe, N. Yorkshire
When: March 2003 (32 man-hours)
Status: Countryside Stewardship
Area: 5.66 hectares (14 acres)
Detail: Costs just £12 per acre

The site was divided into tramlines using the wheelings of a van, before a workforce of four started work. The ‘general purpose’ attachment to the L-D tool was used, and each of the above weeds was extracted as the work progressed. Docks (Common & Broad leaved), Ragwort were bagged, and Spear thistle left on the ground. A collection cart made unloading the docks & Ragwort easy. The whole site was walked and cleared in 8 hrs, despite interruptions from a CLA photographer/journalist. The Ryedale District Council Ecologist (Martin Hammond), who had commissioned the work, also visited and oversaw the job.

Assessment of the work in May showed that it was a major success. None of the extracted weeds were visible in a very clean growing crop of hay (that was going to be cut in July, and fed to horses).

Cost : £260 + vat. (just £17. per acre).

See also photos, before & after.