Report R06 ***

Problem: Docks in new seeds
Where: Cheddar / Somerset
When: October 2001 (96 man-hours)
Land classification: Organic
Area: 1.82 hectares (4.5 Acres)
Detail: Long grass. Clay. Easy extraction. Serious numbers of mature plants.


These docks were brown & mature, growing in long grass, which had not been cut.

The weed density was very high, but went unrecorded. The land was essentially clay, so extraction was easy. There was a risk of shedding the seed while completing the job, so all extracted plants went straight to barrows & carts.

A visit in 2002 showed that the work had been a success. The length of the grass sward had prevented new seeds from taking hold, and the only growing plants were those that had been missed, especially around the field edges, underneath a hedge.

A workforce made up of 4 men, took 96 hrs to complete the initial clearance.

Cost: £502. (or £111.per acre)