Report R05 ***

Problem: Docks in permanent pasture
Where: Bath, Wilts
When: October 2002 (1 week / 140 man-hours)
Status: Organic.
Area: 20.24 Hectares (50 acres)
Detail: Docks removed from worst areas / feeding places. Close grazing policy made this difficult. Small plants / multiple roots. Grazed by horses & cattle

Approx. 50 acres around the farmstead were affected (see drawing below). Some areas were grazed more by horses than cattle. The docks had been topped / strimmed regularly and possibly nibbled by horses. The plants were multiple rooted and entangled / often small and very awkward to get out. The worst areas were around cattle feeders. The land was stony, and the task of removing them, (completed by a worforce of four), was frustrating.

The workforce camped on site in a van, and completed 140 hrs dock removal.

An exact record of the area worked on was not made (although it was far less than the 50 acres).

A visit to this site in 2003 showed that a definite improvement had been achieved (see photos). It also emphasised the need for more work & regular maintenance from the farm management. Tools were left. Also, a hard-standing of stones was recommended for the areas where cattle feeders were regularly placed.

140 man hrs

Cost : £1176.

Travel: £224.