Report R042 **

Problem: Docks spreading into ancient wildflower meadow (lightly grazed in Autumn)
Where: Howsham Barn Farm, York
When: July 2004
Area: 7 acres
Status: Countryside Stewardship
Detail: Follow-on work from 2003

Action taken: A workforce of four, from Sussex carried out this work.

5 days were needed to go over the site, and fill another 6.ton trailer with plants.

A member of the L-D team called in to review progress, which was watched over by Corporation of London Officer: Guy Aldridge (Tel 01737 559231). The workforce organizer was Jake Yearsley (01273 747799 or 07966130519), Stuart Alexander,

Sam Thompson (0776681527).

Assessment: the work was deemed of great assistance to the officers and volunteers who usually pull the Ragwort. The work should also have reduced the 2005 crop considerably.

Volunteers tried using the new tool, and once used to it, found it ideal for the work. No bending, even for ground level rosettes, makes it unique. The Corporation therefore bought a clutch of these tools.

Cost of this week: £1120. (part of the £4820 overall total)