Report R038 **

Problem: Creeping & Spear thistle in pasture
Where: May: Kirkham Abbey, York
When: May 2004
Area: 7 acres
Status: SSSI
Detail: Follow-on from demo. 4 man-days chiseling Creeping thistle in pasture. Commissioned by AONB Unit.

Action taken: 32 man-hours of Chiseling (& a little work with L-Dog).The work was carried out by two men.

Assessment: this demonstration for the AONB officers was carried out late in the growing season, for this site. Grass was long, and thistles were tall, making the plants bases difficult to locate. Hoes needed constant sharpening in order to cut through the long grass. Nevertheless, a large proportion of the plants likely to seed were prevented from doing so. More time was needed, and certainly, annual maintenance will be necessary, and over a period of time, become less.

The parkland to the North was treated with boom applied chemicals. It will be interesting to note next years thistle crop.

Cost: £224