Report R028 ***

Problem: a) Docks in arable, b) Marsh & Spear thistle in pasture
Where: Spikers Hill Farm, West Ayton, North Yorkshire
When: March 2004
Area: a) 8 acres b) 70 acres
Status: Organic
Detail: 10 man-days removing Docks spreading from Countryside Stewardship band to arable beans. Also Marsh & Spear thistle in 70 acre pastureland. No follow up possible.

Action taken: A workforce of four / 10 man-days applied, mostly to dock.

Assessment: Docks were spreading to arable land from the hedgerow & a Countryside Stewardship 12 metre belt. It was a bit early in the year for enough of the young docks to be visible. Any that were visible at the time, were removed, despite the stony nature of much of the terrain. The bean field was carefully walked over, and all visible & growing shoots were removed from the surface. Unfortunately, quite a large number of docks surfaced after this work was completed, and there was no workforce available for ‘follow-up’. The thistles in 70 acres of pasture were given just over half a day (not nearly enough time to walk the whole field). Many were removed.

Cost: £623 + Vat (includes travel)