Report R017 *

Problem: Spear thistle in permanent pasture
Where: Low Holm Farm, Cumbria
When: June 2003
Status: Organic
Area: 20 / 30 acres
Detail: 120 man-hours


Low Holm Farm, Cumbria.

Spear thistle in pasture. June 2003.

Between 20 & 30 acres were covered by a 3 man workforce. Plant densities were not recorded. 120 man-hours were worked.

Assessment: June is usually too late for this job, because plant roots have grown long & numerous, and the ground is hardening up. Broken root sections produce flowers and set seed by September. Far better to get them young in the Autumn & Spring.

Cost: £840 + vat. (between £33. and £28. per acre)

Travel: £60.