Report D043A

Problem: Thistle and Ragwort in cattle-grazed water meadows
Where: Sulham Estate, Pangbourne, Reading
When: July 2004 organized by English Nature, Thames & Chiltern
Status SSSI & Organic
Area: inapplicable
Detail: Talk about our photographic display of different weeding contracts, and demonstrate to a group of farmers and conservationists on site. Share the day with two machinery manufacturers (Record) and the Eco-puller.

Assessment: This was an on-site demonstration, organized by English Nature’s Berkshire Team.

L-D shared the day with the Eco-puller, Record & BCS Machinery. About 40 farmers & conservationists attended, and L-D gave a 20 minute talk around the photographs of contracts that had been done. It was well received, and tools were sold to the host (Sulham Estate) and individuals who realized their advantages. The Eco puller seemed able to make a contribution towards Creeping thistle control, quite as much as Ragwort. L-D introduced the machine to Yorkshire Water (see ref: R.046).