Report D010 *

Problem: Docks & Spear Thistle in pasture
Where: Co. Durham.
When February 21st 2003
Status: Organic
Area: Unrecorded
Detail: Demonstration to Group of Farmers, organized by Northumberland & Durham Machinery Ring

A demonstration of the tools being used on Spear thistle & Docks in pasture. Organized by the Northumberland & Durham Machinery Ring, with plans to offer ‘Removal of Individual Plant’ services across the North. Several potential workforce members attended, and showed the inevitable scepticism. Nevertheless, the Ring advertised for work on organic farms & conservation sites, and received several contracts.

Some for Ragwort, some for Docks in Pasture & Wheat Crops.

We are awaiting a report from Craig Wears & Adrian Tindall on progress